Rail Depot Safety & Control should be a process that works seamlessly with operational activities.

At FCSC we are committed to make railway depots safer, introducing ground-breaking safety control systems and procedures to protect the depot workforce at the workface.

We offer a safer future in Railway Depot Operations, including:

  • The industry’s first RFID based Depot Protection System (DPS) to replace traditional key exchange technology which is becoming antiquated, outdated and bulky to use in practice.
  • An industry first – we have integrated Wi-Fi interlocks into our Rail Depot Protection Systems to operate the depot shunter vehicle’s brakes to ensure the shunter cannot shunt vehicles into a traverser pit without the traverser table being in the correct position.
  • We believe railway vehicle maintenance depots should be as safe as any other operational work place, as such we developed the FirstClass Safety Control – SIL 2 applicable DPS using industry proven hardware and software techniques to monitor and ensure the railway maintenance depot environment is safer.
  • Pictorial RFID Logon Station helping to eliminate potential language uncertainties which can inadvertently come from traditional “wordy” logon devices. In our multi-lingual society removing words and replacing them with pictures certainly helps eliminate potential misunderstandings which could cause safety issues, and with operator acceptance on every step protect both the operator and the business from any uncertainty.
  • We also offer our combined Depot Protection System/Depot Control System which will further eliminate uncertainty by removing interfaces between personnel safety and train movements as our system now fully integrates both systems to provide one fully functional, fully integrated safety system.
  • As part of FirstClass Safety and Control’s rail safety services we supply locally operated points systems (LOPS). Locally operated points systems are designed to enable rail depot operational staff to manage the safe movement of the trains in and out of the depot maintenance areas.

Depot Protection/Control Systems

The FCSC Depot Protection System (DPS) and Depot Control System (DCS) are integrated safety systems suitable for any depot looking for a new system or to upgrade older systems. The systems draw upon proven off-the-shelf hardware and software both of which come highly recommended within the industry which are thus extremely flexible, scalable, and reliable.

Why Choose FCSC?

Our DPS and DCS safety control systems are second to none in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness as well as safety (Safety Integrity Level – SIL2), unlike rival DPS/DCS systems currently on the market. We are proud to be a RISQS approved and accredited Company.

The FCSC approach is to work with the client, taking all their requirements and proposing the level of system to meet their needs both technically and commercially. This allows the DPS/DCS to be 100% tailored to the requirements of both the depot and the budget, ranging from a very basic DPS/DCS purely mechanical in nature – such as key exchanges and padlocks, to more intelligent systems such as Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with a top end supervisory system for monitoring the whole depot from one location.

DPS/DCS System Information

  • Distributed I/O for reduced cabling costs back to or Fault Tolerant PLC Control System to a SIL2 Safety Standard
  • Allen Bradley Control / Logix, CompactLogix and Flex I/O Remote Input Output: Reliable, high quality hardware
  • Software is 100% configurable making integration and flexibility options endless.
  • Expandable systems which can be remotely managed.
  • 3rd party equipment can be easily integrated: RFID / GPS Vehicle Tracking, Site Access Control, Managing Key Equipment, etc.

Our Systems can be made pictorial to eliminate uncertainty and potential safety issues in a multi language/cultural society.

Rail Depot Safety Control Systems
Depot Control System
Depot Control System
Depot Control System
Rail Depot Control System


Depot Protection System (DPS)

FCSC create intelligent systems encompassing features such as RFID tags for logging on/off, SCADA Operating Systems, Local HMI control, Fault Tolerant SIL2 Safety Levels, and many more features; our DPS caters for every depots needs.

We have developed our own automatic De-Railer using industry approved parts, we monitor the head position not the actuator for increased safety, our De-Railer operates at any working Voltage. This allows protection to be automatically in place on a road when operators are working, protecting both the work force and the vehicles.

Typical DPS Interfaces:

  • Interactive log on / off technology
  • Movement Beacon / sounder control
  • OLE Status beacons
  • Aspect control for inbound / outbound movements
  • Automatic De-Railers for protecting workforce 
  • Treadle Switches
  • Diesel Exhaust Extract Monitoring systems
  • WIGWAG signals
  • Points Interlocking
  • High level gantry access control & protective bladders
  • Access control/CCTV security systems
  • OLE isolators
  • Automatic Bollards
  • Electric shunters
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Pictorial Screens to eliminate any multi-language confusion
  • SPAD alarms, turntable, cranes, jacks, wheel lathes, pit lighting interlocks

Depot Control System (DCS)

Our DCS safety system is a cost-effective alternative to the current Locally Operated Points System  (LOPS) or depot points Control Systems. Using proven Aspects, Route Indicators,Points Machines, train detection methods and SIL2 rated PLC hardware/software we have developed a scheme, working with approved signalling contractors, to suit any depot where safety is key for train movements.

Typical DCS Interfaces:

  • SCADA with flexible operator design
  • Depot protection interlocking
  • Points interlocking
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Route Indicators
  • NR Interlocking
  • RFID Authorisation for points operation or any other safety critical operations
  • 3P Signalling interface

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