Other Services

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Here at FCSC we offer a wide range of additional services both as part of new systems/upgrades and as stand-alone support across a number of industries, with a proven track record for speedy and cost-effective routine maintenance, 24/7 support and emergency call-outs.

Rail Depot Personnel Protection System

We recognise that our customers need to spend their budgets to optimise their business’s effectiveness. To this end, we understand that rail depot safety requires a lower level of safety integrity compare to main line railway but they are still to be equally as safe and functional. Working with customers to identify their needs means we deliver the optimum safety and reliability, but often at a much lower lifecycle cost.

Innovation and product development

Our team continually review the current market safety and control product range to make improvements and new concepts to our customers. Our advancements aim to bring increased safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the rail industry.

Combined DCS/DPS system

One of current developments is our combined DCS/DPS system which will offer a single solution for the whole depot with a single SIL 2 capable PLC Processor. Therefore eliminating unnecessary interface failure points but still maintaining the safety benefits of each system plus much more.

Touch Screen Access TerminalFirstClass Safety and Control’s Touch Screen Access Terminal to Depot Safety and Control Systems

Our offer includes a multi-functional touch screen access terminal which can incorporate a  fully integrated biometric facility. Expected to revolutionize the security and depot protection industry in general, this flexible technology will open up pictorial safety, eliminating words and language barriers that exist on many depots and sites worldwide.

With hardened glass and an anti-glare coating, it is durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors and is IP 65 rated. With a built-in mini PER sensor, the terminal also features energy saving motion detection. This enables the LCD screen to automatically light up upon a person approaching.

Training Courses

Our training courses are highly rated by operational delegates, both operationally and as part of on-going maintenance requirements.

Spare Parts

We recommend tailored spare parts holdings for on-going support for up to 40 years to give you the peace of mind that you have the materials in the unlikely event that something fails.

After-sales care

Our professional after-sales customer care team offer a full service reassuring you that your depot will receive the prompt support you need.

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