Recent works

At FirstClass Safety & Control we’re very proud of our comprehensive range of services. Here’s a selection illustrating some achievements and examples of the types of works we offer; 


Current projects include

2020 – Siemens Mobility – York Traincare Facility – installation of GPS remote monitoring and LOPS system support 24/7 on Allen Bradley hardware.

2020 – 1stInRail – Siemens York Traincare Facility – Depot Control System/LOPS system upgrades for new track layout

2020 – Hochtief Construction – Great Western Rail Exeter Depot – Depot Protection System – New turnkey solution to operate throughout the depot, both existing building s and the new depot extension.

2020 – C Spencer/Kilborn Consulting – Siemens Ardwick Traincare Facility -Depot Control System – New turnkey solution for train control on the new 4 Sidings working.

2020 – CAF UK – Manchester International Depot – Depot Protection System –  Upgrade work on the unsafe and inoperable existing Depot Protection System  –  including removing the interlocks for the unsafe fixed gantries and interlocking a new mobile Gantry 

2020 – Hitachi/LNER – Craigentinny Depot – Depot Protection System – Design & Installation of GPS based remote monitoring system as an upgrade to the FCSC DPS system installed in 2018

Previous Projects

2019 – Bombardier – Ilford Depot – multi-year maintenance contract on the FCSC Depot Protection System installed in 2017, including 24/7 on call support

2018 – Volker Fitzpatrick – Crossrail/Bombardier Ilford Depot – Depot Protection System – RFID based solution including Wi-fi interlocked shunter control for traverser movements in the Paint Shop, WigWag controlled road traffic signals. All controlled by a SIL2 rated dual redundancy PLC.

2018 – C Spencer Construction – Great Western Rail Penzance Longrock Depot – Depot Protection System – RFID based system with full SCADA, train detection and derailers. All designed for the harsh coastal environment.

2016 – Hitachi Rail UK – Newton Aycliffe Manufacturing Plant – Protection System for the Test House using Allen Bradley and Rockwell Automation PLC platform.

2011 – Volker Fitzpatrick – Blackpool Tram Stargate Depot – Depot Protection System – PLC based system including key exchange interlocking controls

Oil & Gas
2020 – Rockrose Energy – Brae Complex – Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) – modifications and upgrades to 40 year old legacy ICS system. Includes ongoing maintenance contract and 24/7 support. Continuation of the Marathon Oil relationship from 2000 to present day. 
2019 – Marathon Oil – Brae Complex – 10 year relationship providing modifications and upgrades to 40 year old legacy ICS system. Included ongoing maintenance contract and 24/7 support.
2014 – Marathon Oil – Emergency Shutdown System – full turnkey solution for a new SIL2 rated field interface system.
2008 – Shell UK – Goldeneye – bespoke designed interface and upgrade of obsolete hardware when OEM could not support
2007 – Marathon Oil – Emergency Shutdown System – full turnkey solution of a SIL3 rated system for safe filed operations using Siemens S7 400 controllers. 
2006 – Marathon Oil – Emergency Shutdown System – full turnkey solution of a SIL3 rated new field interface system using Siemens S7 300 controllers. 


2019 – M/Y Haidia – Alarm Monitoring System upgrade and enhancement for M/Y Haidia 1929 superyacht from an outdated Lyngso System to a modern Rockwell Automation PLC Solution. 

2018 – A & P Famouth – Propulsion Control System (PCS) – service support for breakdown extending to spares supply, commissioning and sea trial (Lyngso Marine)

2018 – A & P Famouth/MOD – Ballast Control Valve System – upgrade of existing LYNSO system to Rockwell Automation based system on an RFA vessel


2020 – Nissan Sunderland – design of new Outfeed Waste conveyor controls including new automatic waste bin facility
2019 – Nissan Sunderland – Removal of conveyor Controls System and removal of interlocks 


Emergency production support on machines at local manufacturing facility on their Mitsubishi PLC’s which had failed and lost communications with all sensors on outfeed conveyor. The PLC was reverse engineered, replaced and the sensors were renewed

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